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Service Level Support

Service-Level-Support-WebsitePACIV can serve your automation, C&Q/CSV, and instrumentation needs, on a 24/7 business model following a service level support agreement.  As you may have intermittent needs within your manufacturing operations, whether it is for a project, operational and/or emergency support, we can provide you’re with the required resources in an on-call basis. 

We will agree contractually with you in the required skills and type of resources and we will have those available for you in case you need them.

These agreements will establish pre-defined criteria such as:

  • Standard and Overtime T&M Rates
  • Type of resources (skills, certifications and experience level)
  • Established knowledge of particular systems within your operations
  • Required Response Time

Your Benefits:

  • Readily availability to attend to unpredicted resources needs
  • Access to the right type of resources at the right time
  • Minimum operational disruptions when attend to project, operations and emergency needs
  • Access to overcapacity & fast response to schedule changes
  • Flexibility in staffing, use of resources on “variable work” as needed

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