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Site Services Website Two ImagesAt PACIV we have established local presence with the regions in where our clients have their manufacturing assets.  As such, we provide them with a “glocal” service model to support, guide and manage their manufacturing IT systems, automation, instrumentation, and/or validation initiatives. 

PACIV is recognized by its clients for our agility and flexibility.  In order to provide you with the required cost-effective model that works for your needs, we service you based on your needs at the time.

Our site services range from augmenting your staff with us to fully outsource your department to us or using us to execute small projects and initiatives:

  • Augmented Staff – Provide resources, on a resident contractor basis, to work on a day-to-day full time basis within your Automation, IT, Validation and Instrumentation department as a resource augmentation

  • Outsourcing Services - Life cycle support and modifications, small project support, system and process training

  • Service Level Support – 24 / 7 support under pre-established contractual agreements

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