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UtilitiesPACIV has been providing industrial controls and instrumentation solutions for complex water & wastewater automation challenges for over 10 years.  PACIV provides long-term automation solutions for industrial and municipal water utilities.  We deliver greenfield projects through Tier 1 alliance with large design-build or construction companies and/or upgrade and support existing systems via the municipalities management companies.

We place significant focus on developing accurate system requirements and design specifications aligned with our clients' needs allowing us to deliver projects on time and within budget.  We partner, in many occasions, with the automation system platform manufacturing and service divisions to ensure the plant designs already established will aligned properly with our control systems and instrumentation design, installation and start-up.  Our control system and instrumentation solutions are designed to deliver comprehensive water solutions to improving reliability, decreasing downtime and meeting regulatory requirements.

We assist our Water/Wastewater clients by:

  • Establishing collaborative approach with Tier 1 players and a proven automation project management team
  • Improving efficiencies, lowering downtimes, reducing energy and maintenance cost, increasing system reliability
  • Knowledgeable and experience engineers in the water/wastewater latest technologies and solutions
  • Commitment to providing the best independent solution
  • Tailored Solutions for:
    • Pump & Lift Stations
    • Wastewater Treatment Plants
    • Domestic Water Distribution
    • Purification & Processing Stations

We have experience with the following water processes and technologies:

  • Reclaimed Water: UV Disinfection, Monitoring
  • Treatment Plant: Instrumentation, Control Panels, PLC, HMI
  • Pumping Station: Duplex and Triplex Control
  • Motor Controls: Contactors, Soft Starts, Variable Frequency Drives
  • Data Logging & Reporting: Historical storage to popular databases for report generation to DHS.
  • Remote Alarm Notification: Alert operators remotely of plant upset using e-mail or phone.

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