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Foxboro I/A™ Factory-trained Solutions and Support

Foxboro I/A™ Factory-trained Solutions and Support   Foxboro SE AP

Invensys is changing the way we do business to drive market-leading quality and reliability. Through the Foxboro I/A Distributed Control System, we offer our clients process automation and control solutions to meet the needs of virtually any enterprise in the process industries – from stand-alone processes that need basic, reliable functionality, to complex integrated enterprises that control critical or hazardous operations.

Whether you are implementing a new system or fine-tuning an existing one, the Foxboro I/A Engineering Software provides you with a powerful, integrated design environment to simplify and speed up your engineering efforts and provides the flexibility you need to make last minute changes without jeopardizing schedule or project integrity. Intuitive configuration tools enable easy, effortless design and present information in a way that is easy to understand, troubleshoot and reduce manual steps. Remote engineering and virtualization capabilities bring the work to you, not the other way around, improving speed, accuracy and reducing risk.


At PACIV, we have the largest pool of full-time staff resources, within any of the regions we operate, which are factory-trained and have extensive experience with the Foxboro I/A system. We have worked on the design, integration, implementation, testing, start-up and commissioning as well as support of Foxboro I/A systems for the biotech and pharmaceutical sector (continuous, S88 batch). We have successfully assisted in large retrofits and expansions utilizing Foxboro I/A, including connectivity to other control system platforms. We have implemented Foxboro I/A systems in multiple processes from fermentation to waste water. Moreover, we provide Foxboro I/A control systems consulting and ongoing support to keep the systems performing for you.

Recent Foxboro I/A Projects

  • Biotechnology Retrofit

PACIV lead the Automation retrofit of a 1,500 I/O facility retrofitted to place a fixed biotechnology API Isolation and Purification manufacturing process in a former flexible manufacturing facility. This included all of the Validation Documentation (Change Management, Requirements, Design, Application Software Testing, Field start-up and Support, Commissioning and Qualification. Our team was the outsourced partner to run and maintain the software and documentation for the facility with the associated utility systems after the project phase was delivered successfully.

  • Utility System Outsourcing

PACIV is the outsourced partner for the support a major Pharmaceutical client’s Chilled Water System including the generation and distribution to the company’s campus. The system contains about 750 I/O (including tradition Field Bus Modules and Gateway/serial connections to compressors and PLCs) to Foxboro I/A.

Invensys Foxboro AP

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